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Hey all! I'm Angelina and welcome to my cooking blog!  

Life isn’t fun without food. Food makes me smile, makes me get out of bed, and gives me inspiration!

When I was little I had a little too many extra inches of belly, where my only hope was waiting for a growth spurt to spread some of the chub away. I grew up with a family of food fanatics where dining together was an opportunity to practice new recipes or pass on culinary skills to other members of the family.

Raised in a Eurasian family with Chinese/ English heritage and a childhood brought up by a multicultural Australian surrounding allowed me to experience almost every culture of food. Starting from the basic Aussie family favorite Vegemite on toast and meat pies and the stunning array of Australian seafood and local produce to mouth watering roasted Chinese pigeon and juicy stewed beef tendon as a daily set menu selection.

I have been so privileged to be exposed to such cultures and hence has created my food knowledge today.

At every spare moment, I turn to food programs like Masterchef Australia/ US, Top chef, Heston's feasts, Hell's kitchen to give me some inspiration and to learn some new culinary skills, or look through my favorite cook books like Nigella’s feasts.


I grew up in Sydney, Australia and in 2010 I moved to Hong Kong and ever since then I've been working as a full time model here. Living in Australia I never really appreciated the idea of "space", now that I live in Hong Kong; I've noticed how cramped living space is here. Hong Kong is such a compact city of tiny apartments stacked on top of each other with easily accessible restaurants in every corner. I have also noticed that not many people cook nor do they know how to cook. Due to its transient lifestyle people tend to move in for a few months at a time or find it much easier to eat out. However the problem is, people don’t notice what they put inside their bodies. When we eat out, we simply cannot control what goes into our food, how many calories are in our diet, whether the food is fresh or frozen, cleanliness of the kitchen, how frequently they change the oil and not mentioning the price of eating out. These factors can determine our long-term health, and even control our ageing process. In order to life a healthy life, it’s very important to take care of what goes into our body! As a model I need to be careful what I eat and try to stay as healthy as possible, but because I love food too much, I tend to eat everything I want but I would opt for a lower calorie version or healthier alternative.

 When I moved into my tiny 500sq ft. city apartment, the first thing I spotted was the size of my kitchen.
My kitchen is about 1.5m by 2.5m.
It is so small that at first I was so unmotivated to cook, which are exactly how most Hong Kong people feel. Eating out is so cheap in Hong Kong that many people don't bother to cook or find it too difficult to in their small kitchens.

The primary reason why I began this blog concept is to inspire those who live in transient cities like London, New York, Hong Kong to name a few, who have small kitchens and who feel discouraged to cook because there's not enough space or feel it’s too much effort.
If I can cook in my tiny kitchen then you can too!  I really hope over time I can influence if not inspire even one person to cook!

Feel free to cook my simple, easy, recipes and give me as much feedback as you like!!




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