Saturday, 5 October 2013


One of the greatest things about being raised in Australia is the amazing array of fresh seafood 
available. From the freshest oysters and prawns, to sea urchin and crab, you really have it all!!
 When I return back to the land of OZ the only thing I think about is seafood and lucky for me I live 
20 min away from Sydney Fish market, where I can buy the freshest seafood daily! I love to buy big 
portions of seafood whenever I go, so I can cook different seafood dishes I like and experiment with 
The key is keeping it simple and letting the seafood shine, as too much
 fiddle can overpower and ruin your dish! 
This seafood cocktail is the best way to utilise leftover seafood and turn it 
into a classy clean appetizer! So for a lovely fine dining meal for friends, 
serve this little appetizer to them and I guarantee you they will be asking for more!  
Presentation is so easy, find any cocktail or martini glass and just layer the 
salad on top of each other. The beautiful orange from the seafood and green from the avocados 
makes it so aesthetically pleasing, and the tabasco in the cocktail sauce adds a little spice to heat 
things up! Feel free to add whatever seafood you like and just have fun! 
You can add sea urchin or even some seaweed salad too!

Perfect sized glass, as it's big enough to give a generous serving! 
 Fresh crab and avocado work so well together!! 

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