Monday, 14 October 2013


We always think we're so tough but it's those times when your sick with the flu, or you're stuck in bed 
from some stomach bug, that's the time you crave mother's care and affection. There's nothing better 
then a delicious homemade, pure chicken noodle soup. I don't know what it is about it but every time 
I'm feeling weak, this is the only dish I crave. Living away from parents and living home alone, just 
makes you crave that little bit more.
So why not learn how to make it and make it for myself! Once I discovered how easy it was, I realised 
I can just make a large pot at home, and tupperware little portions and freeze them. So whenever I get 
that winter flu again, I can just heat it up, and feel all better again! Only using a few staple ingredients, 
just grab a fresh chicken and there you have it! Effortless and easy as it just stays simmering in a pot 
while you continue on with your day. Check up on it every once in a while, and soon enough your 
soup will be ready!
Don't forget other alternatives you can make with this soup.
You can make chicken and dumplings, use the broth as a base for any asian noodle soup, stock for 
risotto or any dish that requires chicken stock!

  [ I N G R E D I E N T S ]


1 x Whole Chicken
500g of Chicken Wings
4 x Stick of Celery
4 x Carrots
1 x Onion
1/2 x Ginger

2 x Stick of Celery
2 x Carrots
1 x Packet of mini pasta shells

[ D I R E C T I O N S ]
1. Place all the broth ingredients in a large pot.
2. Add enough water to cover all the ingredients, cover with lid and boil for 1 hr.
3. Turn the heat off. Remove all the vegetables with tongs, and also remove the chicken and place it on a separate plate.
4. De-bone all the chicken and keep all the meat.
5. Drain with strainer and pour all the broth into a smaller pot and place in fridge for the fat to rise to the top and form a thick layer. This process will take 2-3 hours for fat to harden.
6. Once the fat is formed, use a skimmer, ( mini strainer) and skim all the fat. There is a trick you can place a paper towel over the fat, and pull it away and all the fat should stick to the paper. Make sure there is no fat or impurities left. 
7. Place this liquid back into a pot and simmer. Add diced carrots and celery into the broth and cook until soft (about 1 hr) . Add in salt n pepper to taste.
8. Cook and drain pasta shells,  then place pasta in a bowl and serve with soup on top and chicken pieces. 

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