Tuesday, 24 July 2012


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 Today I am so happy and excited to share with you my new favorite cookware brand! Le Creuset is a brand that meets my every need. Its large variety of cookware pots, plates and accessories are all beautiful designed and can match any kitchen to fulfill every cooking need!
On the 29th June 2012 was Le Creuset's 2nd Anniversary Celebration in Hong Kong. To celebrate this, they created one of the most amazing and generous sales ongoing from 29th June - 15th July! But with one requirement, to keep with the theme of 2nd Anniversary and to get 50% off items you just had to have the number 2 in your birthday! Unfortunately I did not have a 2 and was waiting for my friend to take me there so I could go on my crazy sale! Unfortunately I missed the sale but was lucky enough to be invited to participate in one of the cooking lessons provided by Le Creuset's Flagship store! 
Let me Share with you my day and hope you can learn something from it! 

Where to find Le Creuset Products  : Sogo, City Super, Lane Crawford

Le Creuset Flagship Store – G/F & M/F, 31C-D Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong 

Store Opening Time: Monday to Saturday 11:00am - 8:00pm; Sunday 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Contact Number : (+852) 27901808

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The Minute I walked in these were the products I was drawn to and I have to buy!!!!

 Product: Mini Round Casserole

So cute!!! These Little Casserole pots are perfect for serving desserts! 
Some ideas are chocolate pudding/ mouse, egg and milk puddings, mango sagos, even could be used for serving sauces as a cute idea! 

Product: Mini Heart set Ramekin with tray ( RAINBOW PINK)

This is a new product, and I think only available for a limited time. This is on my wish list as it is so cute and perfect for a romantic dinner and as a girl this is perfect to have on my kitchen table! 
You can use this as a way to keep your salt, pepper and spices. Or even different types of sauce and dips for a nice mexican meal/ tapas!  

Product: Mini Blue set including water jug, mini round casserole, mini oval casserole, mortar and pestle, small soup bowl. 

I'm in love with this set and I want to buy every single of these items! There all miniature size and its perfect for every small kitchen and looks great on my table! How can I resist! 

Product: Multicolored tea cup set with layered plates

If you always run out of cups, you won't anymore if you get this dainty little tea set, it reminds me of high tea in hotels with the triple plate layers, you can actually use this 2 ways, use it like it is in the photo or remove the cups and display cute little desserts or sandwiches on the plates! 

 Product : Mini Tagine

How cute are these??!! Use this for fresh spices or for little sauces, these remind me of middle eastern cuisine, I can't wait to put a range of colourful spices and sauces in these little pots! 

Last but not least! 
Product : Buffet Casserole 

I am obsessed with this pan because not only does it come in 3 sizes its a perfect paella pan!! I am a sucker for spanish cuisine and I have been looking for something like this for a while where I can cook my paella traditionally and when i serve it it also looks pretty, and most importantly it doesn't force me to cook for 10 as the small size is perfect for 2 people! 


  1. Very nice post! I like this brand too!

  2. Nice post showing us where to shop !



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